Saturday, May 2, 2015

Week 10 Summary

May Madness!!  Thank God that Zapamundo and I are committed to losing weight and becoming healthy or we would be gaining about 10 pounds each this month.  The ONLY weeknight we are home this entire month is Wednesday May 27th...and let me tell you the old us would have been getting fast food almost every night with this crazy schedule.  Instead we are finding ways to work around it...feed the kids early, have a healthy snack and eat later...anyway we are trying our best to make it work.

I lost another 2.1 this week and am so pumped!  149 even...that's over 12 down this year with 24 lbs to go and 23 weeks until my goal date (24 weeks until we are in Mexico)!

So in preparation for this week's blog post I was searching the web for weight loss tips and found this great article titled "21 Weight Loss Tips You've Probably Never Tried."  I'll definitely be implementing a few of these myself, especially the Reminder list.  I recommend reading the article for details and pictures, but here are their 21 suggestions.

1. Make Motivational Notes To Yourself
2. Invest In Flattering Workout Clothes
3. Don't Exercise Just For Weight Loss
4. Make A Separate Snack Station
5. Reward Yourself
6. Switch To A Stand-Up Desk
7. Make A "Workout Only" Playlist
8. Keep Mouthwash Handy
9. Make Drinking Water Fun
10. Display Your Swimsuit
11. Keep Your Weights Where You'll Use Them
12. Plan Your Workout The Night Before
13. Put Leftovers Away Before You Eat
14. Stretch While Watching TV
15. Motivational Weight Loss Jars
16. Make Drinking Enough Water A No-Brainer
17. Download An App
18. Change Your Environment
19. Make A Reminder List
20. Stop Comparing

21. Make Mental Health A Priority

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  1. I love this list! I instantly gained about 8 lbs when I went from teaching to a desk job. I didn't realize how much I moved all day as a teacher. I've started standing at my desk. I just use a big box as my standing desk but I notice at the end of the day I don't feel nearly as tired.