Friday, April 24, 2015

Week 9 Summary

Good morning friends!!  I'm a little early this week on my summary because I won't see a scale until Monday morning.  I, along with 3 other brave souls, will be taking nine 9-10 year old girls camping this weekend, where it will likely rain.  Wish us luck...good news... with the promise of rain maybe there will be less bugs and the mud complaints will be a nice break from the bug complaints.  It's going to be a blast!!!  

So with the technology-free weekend (YAY!), my official weigh-in day has been moved up a day and I'm happy to report that I've lost 1.5 pounds this week!!  With a 10.3 loss for the 9 weeks, I am now at 151.1!!  The 140s are so close I can taste them!  WooHoo!  I'm seeing so many changes in my shape, my strength and in what I want to eat.

On the subject of eating, my lady friend is coming for a visit soon and she always sends cravings before her visit.  UGH!  So I pushed off some of the cravings for a day or so but allowed myself one glazed donut yesterday and it was Glorious!  Of course, afterwards my stomach was like "What the hell is this?!"  Since we all struggle with this (except you Zapamundo and any other boys reading), I've found this article we can all read to help us understand these cravings and how "that time of the month" can really mess with our weight loss efforts.  Read it here.

Here are some other articles to keep you occupied this weekend while I'm off hiking in the woods.

I've updated the weight loss, but the rest of the side bar will need to be updated on Sunday so I've got the full week stats.

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