Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 7 - Summary

Sorry for the late post (thanks to T for keeping me accountable)...I think I got distracted with Danger's first TBall game and my aunt in town...and to be frank, I'm up a little bit and didn't really know what I wanted to say.  So I need some motivation and maybe you do let's chit chat on that for a minute.

So frustration first...up another 1/2 pound from last week.  UGH!  I now find myself where Zapamundo was a week or so ago...up in pounds and really lacking in motivation.  So I need to work really hard to find that motivation and keep it up.  Maybe you guys can help...are you out there reading?  Share your struggles and successes; I'd love to know we're in it together.

Speaking of being in it together, having Zapamundo by my side has been incredibly helpful.  There have been times in the past where one of us wanted to get healthy and the other wasn't in it and we failed barely after we started.  It has been so much better doing it together this time.  We are so lucky to have each other!  Love you baby.

Tangent over...things to focus on to find my motivation:

  • a pair of dress pants that used to be tight...I can now pull down while they are completely zipped and buttoned
  • on the same note, I was almost able to do the same with my jeans tonight
  • I'm starting to see some definition in my arms!!
I really enjoyed my Pump It class last Monday and was sad that I had to miss it tonight.  The class is just once a week, so I've also been working on my 21 day challenge I was telling you about last week.  My triceps are still awful, but I know those are the hardest parts of the arms to get in shape.  So after I finish my two rounds of the 21 day challenge I'm boing to Blast Away the Jiggle with the 5 Best Triceps Exercises according to

I'm leaving you with a few motivational quotes.

And my favorite of the 3... 

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  1. Keep the faith baby, I went up 5 in a week and dropped 7 the next.