Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week 4 Summary

So I learned something about myself this week.  I HAVE to track it.  I was sick this week and not in the mood to track or pay attention.  All my calorie intake for this week is a total guess.  But I still lost 1.5 pounds... I attribute that solely to lacking an appetite this week.  So today I logged all my calories (even the cookie) and came in 99 calories over my goal..not too bad, not too bad.  
To get back on the wagon this week, I will:
  • Take at least 3 5-minute breaks in my day to do the bike
  • Log all my food and drink
  • GO to my exercise classes
  • Reach AT LEAST 75% of my step goal every day

Recently my friend, Carol, started her own blog (and FB page) called The Happy Dance Experiment and I want to talk a little bit about it because I think being happy and getting healthy go hand in hand.  She is working on herself just like I am.  I am working to become healthy.  She is working to become a happy person, to push the negative thoughts away and replace them with positive thoughts.  We can use so many of the same techniques to becoming healthier and happier people!  In her blogpost titled "The A Word" she says..."What if I told you that you do affirmations ALL the time? It’s true.  The only issue is they are more times than not negative affirmations.  The definition of affirmation is 1. the act or an instance of affirming, state of  being affirmed.  2. the assertion that something exists or is true.  We are constantly asserting that something negative exists or is true.  It is time to change that.
“Well these negative thoughts and affirmations just pop into my head automatically, how can I stop that from happening?”  The answer is positive affirmations and yes I am going to ask you to talk to yourself.  No reason to fret, again we do it all the time but like I said above, it is usually negative statements that we are using when we do.  Change that and change your life.  What affirmations can do is rewire your mind.  Eventually if you stick with this it will be wonderful, happy, joyous thoughts that will automatically come to your mind.  You will discover solutions to any problems that arise and you will feel an energy that you haven’t felt since you were a child."
"Change that and change your life."  That's what really hit me.  We have negative thoughts all the time, especially on our weight loss journeys...that's too much to loose, I can't do it, he's losing faster than me so I should give up, I'm too busy, I'll never reach my goals.  These negative thoughts can really hold us back; we're letting our thoughts stop us from transcending.  Now, let's change these up and be positive...I can lose that much if I break it down, I can do it, if he can lose that much so can I, I can find some time to exercise, I WILL reach my goals!!  Now imagine if you changed the way you think about your weight-loss and said this second set of thoughts to yourself every morning; you'd be a rock star in your journey to health and complete your goals in no time!!  Carol goes on to say we should write these positive affirmations down and read them to ourselves everyday.  What a great idea!!  Please click the link above to read her whole post and peruse the rest of her blog.
I'm going to leave you with two of my positive thoughts.  I WILL reach my goal and I WILL being wearing one of these cute retro bikinis on our 40s trip.


  1. I love the retro suits, but you Heather, and Tina all agreed to wear micro bikini's as long as Tim agreed to go, and Tim agreed to go as long as it wasn't Mexico