Saturday, March 7, 2015

Week 2 Summary

Hey Everybody!!  How was YOUR week?  Mine was great!!  I lost 1.5 pounds, I worked out 3 nights and I can really see my core changing.  

I did Pilates on Monday and am really excited for this Monday to roll around.  And I went to Zumba on Tuesday and Thursday and as usual had a blast.  Also on the exercise front...Zapamundo and I found a great deal on a stationary exercise cycle and I can't wait to get going on that soon [in 6-10 business days ;-)].  I'm thinking that I want to start running, but may wait until April for that when it's warmer...I am SO not interested in running in the cold.  I know I said this last year, but I'm thinking about do the Buck Knob 5k this year.  I'll need someone to do it with me and I need to figure out when it is so I can do a Couch to 5K.  ZumbAmy, do you want to do it with me??

So here's my plan:  Go to Bodies @ Work on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays.
                             Rest on Wednesdays and one weekend day.
                             Ride cycle/maybe a pilates video on Fridays and Sat or Sun.

I'll make some revisions if/when I start running.  I may start it and decide it's not for me.  We'll see...

Have a great week everybody!!

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  1. Awesome baby, I'm so happy we're doing this together!