Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Getting Back on the Wagon - Tuesday

As part of my plan to get back on track, I promised to do 4 things and while my thighs feel like complete, stinging jello, Tuesday was a rockstar kind of day!
  • Take at least 3 5-minute breaks in my day to do the bike -- CHECK and holy moly that last session was a bear
  • Log all my food and drink - CHECK
  • GO to my exercise classes - Zumba - CHECK
  • Reach AT LEAST 75% of my step goal every day - CHECK - Hit 128%!!

I know I owe you all progress pics; I'll update that on Saturday for 5 weeks in.  For those of you just reading via email, I encourage you to check the site.  I've got a progress pic slideshow as well as all my stats.  It's FULL DISCLOSURE kiddos!!  And (as my former manager always says) Make it a Great Day!!


  1. Sweet Tracey!! Are you using your Fitbit to track things???

    1. I am using a combination of my fitbit and myfitnesspal. I use Fitbit to track steps and exercise and FitnessPal for my food, water and weight. Although they sync to each other so I can see it all in both apps.