Saturday, February 28, 2015

Week 1 Summary

So I'm sure you've all heard that my phone died last Friday and I didn't get it back up and running until Tuesday.  It's unbelievably scary how unsettling it is to not have a phone.  It's crazy how dependent I am on that thing.

On to the journey.  Aaron and I have done great this week!  We are tied to our Fitness Pal app and our  activity trackers.  I have lost 2.1 pounds this week!!!  It was all done with food.  For the moment, I'm becoming a calorie counter.  My trusty app tells me that I get 1200 calories a day to lose 1.5 pounds a week (1.1 wasn't an option).  And I have been right around 1200 calories each day.  And with each day I'm finding it easier to be satisfied with that number.  The cool thing about eating a smaller number of calories is that it forces you to make healthier choices.  If I eat crackers and cheese all day, it won't be very long before I run out of calories.

Unfortunately the only exercise this week was carrying 66 cases of girls scout cookies from the car into the house by myself and man, were my arms sore the next day.  So it's time to start thinking about exercise again.  I haven't been to Zumba since January and I'm going back this week.  She has a specialty class each month and this month it's kick-boxing and I. AM.  PUMPED!!  KF, remember our ASS Class we took at U of M?  That was SO MUCH FUN!!!   And I've missed it ever since.  Soooo I'll be doing Zumba twice a week and and the ASS Class once a week.  I'm also trying to decide if i want to start running... I admire my friends who run, but just not sure I'd enjoy sounds painful to the knees and frightfully dull.  Plus I'm scared to get started with my crazy hill from hell but, man oh man, how I'd love to scratch that 5K run off of my bucket list!

Zapamundo is doing really well!  I'm so proud of him!  Be sure to check out his blog...  He posts on Sundays.

One more thing I want to share this week.  On a long drive in December I was looking through my Health board on Pinterest and found something I had pinned a while back.  It was a suggestion to go a month without something unhealthy...a month without sugar, alcohol, fried foods, etc.  This idea really appealed to me.   Try taking a few baby steps on my journey to health rather than cutting everything at's less overwhelming for me that way.
Here's my schedule:
January - A month without soda and juice
February - A month without junk food
March - A month without alcohol

In January I did AMAZING....not a drop of soda or juice for the entire month.  I tried a diet coke the beginning of February and it was Meh. Yay! Now don't get me wrong, I still REALLY like regular coke, but I know it's bad for me and honestly with only 1200 calories a day it's just not worth it very often.  So since I have a problem with self-control, I've told myself that I can have 1 soda (12oz) each weekend.  If I set that limitation for myself, I know I can follow it.

February didn't go so well the week of the auction; just too much going on.  But I've overlapped February with Lent and have given up junk food for all of Lent.  This was decided before I decided to reboot my journey.  Hey, it may even be what pushed me to begin again.

March, a month without alcohol, 31 days purposely chosen to not be during camping season or my birthday month.  Events this month (that usually include drinking):  Dinner with friends, H's birthday celebration, Bunco night on my street (no driving required!).  So here I sit, in the last hour of February, drinking my beer.  Cheers!!

Have a great week everybody!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hey all you blog-reading-beotches! I'm BACK!


Hey there friends!  Syd-ilicious said just do it...write in your blog again.  So here we go.

As some of you know we are going on a trip this fall to celebrate a bunch of us turning 40.  It has seriously motivated many of us to get our butts in gear and lose the weight!  So it is 33 weeks from now until the Saturday before we leave...and I have 36 pounds to lose.  That's about 1.1 pounds per week which is definitely doable and in the healthy weight-loss range.  Zapamundo has 67 pounds to lose; so that's about 2 pounds per week.   Also doable and healthy.

Alright, so I'm going to do it a little differently this time around.  I'm going to commit to publishing an update once a week; preferably on Saturday.  If you view the right panel of my blog, you'll see my weekly and cumulative (from today on) stats for steps, exercise, water, and calories consumed and burned.  I'm also going to brave and post progress pics in my swimsuit.  It will be scary at first but I'm hoping it will look Sa-Weet by summer time.

Who's with me??