Saturday, December 26, 2015

2 years ago today...

I bought a Fitbit and made the decision to lose weight and get healthy. I have since lost 27 pounds and have 20 left to go. I've incorporated a lot of healthy habits and plan to do more. I can't wait to make my 40s a happy and healthy decade!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 28, etc Summary

Since we consider today, Labor Day, to be the official end of summer, it's time to stop the summer weight gain/loss roller coaster ride.  And I suppose time to get back to my blog.  It's way too easy to be bad when I'm not writing.  It's one reason to write...that and a few people have been asking for new posts...time to be inspiring...I hope.  Well the good news is I am down 3.3 pounds since Memorial Day, and 17.5 pounds since February. Not too bad, not too bad.

We officially have 5 weeks and 4 days until we leave for Mexico.  19 pounds to goal.  Ultimate goal:  Not gonna happen.  And that's ok.  I can lose a bit more and I can get buff.  

So my plans don't always happen, but I find that when I have a plan I'm not so quick to go off the rails.  Here's my plan:  Get up early every weekday and either jog or do the stationary bike.  Take my multi-vitamin everyday.  Cut back on the sodas again.  Drink all my water.  Zumba 1-2 times a week.  Have nutritious home-made smoothies for breakfast and lunch, healthy snacks and try my best for a sensible dinner.  Lift weights.  Listen to health podcasts.  Search Pinterest for health inspiration.  Write in my blog.

I think if I can stick to most of this I'll be on the right track.  If I can lose a little more than a pound a week, I can still hit my ultimate goal by my work conference in December (8 weeks after Mexico) and still be unrecognizable!  wink wink

Sorry for the new installment of Tracey's Random Thoughts... and totally ignore the stats on the right.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Week 21 Summary

Great week this week!! Lots of exercise and healthy eating. 

I woke up early twice to train for my 5k. I couldn't quite get myself out of bed on Monday so I'll have to do the third session for this week Sunday evening. 

I lifted weights three times this week; Zapamundo and I are doing a program together called Stronglifts 5 by 5.  You do 5 sets of 5 reps of 5 different exercises over the course of two exercise sessions. I totally didn't explain that well but here is what my week looked like. 

Notice that squats are every time. Ugh!!   Here is my badass self on Friday doing bench presses. 

I also did Zumba twice this week. I brought my honey with me on Tuesday and he had a good time. Good enough to buy the Groupon!  If you are local and thinking about checking out Zumba let me know. This place is so awesome and I have coupons for a free week for new customers!

I don't know if you noticed in the first pic above but I lost 1.4 pounds this week!!  Yay, the scale is moving down again. 144.1 is the lowest on this journey...WooHoo!  19 pounds to go!!  I totally attribute this to the exercise and writing all my food down this week. 

Well, I'm camping right now so I don't have my stats available to update the side bar. I'll do that on Sunday. Thanks for reading everyone. Make it a great week!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Feeling accomplished this morning

So this morning I did something I don't recall ever doing before (maybe once).  I got up before my family, got dressed, drove to the park, and did a Couch to 5K training session.  I was back home before anyone else was awake. 

I've always felt that if I could just get up much earlier than my family, I would feel less stressed and in general be a happier person.  As it is right now, when I wake up it's instant rushing and whining and yelling.  Not a great way to start a day.  Today I feel calm and centered and when Danger was reluctant to get dressed (as usual) I handled it much better than I normally would.  Maybe this 5k training program will be the beginning of a new calmer me!

I did weights Monday night, Zumba last night (dragging Zapamundo with me) and ran this morning.  I'll also be doing weights tonight.  So yes, I'm feeling very if the scale would just follow suit...I'm sure it will soon.  Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

I don't even know where to begin...Week 20, etc Summary

I don't even know where to begin or what to even say.  I've been gone awhile...both from my blog and from a healthy lifestyle.  I don't really have anything to blame it's just that... well...Life Happens.  It gets hard.  Watching what you eat gets hard.  Making the commitment to exercise regularly gets hard.  Sometimes you need a break, so I took one.  Then I kept taking one and taking one and taking one.  Not that I went totally back to my evil ways.  I still made some smart choices, smarter than in my "former life" anyways.  I think I'm ready to be back to it again.  My energy level is down; I feel sad more often.  It's amazing to see how much better I really felt when I ate better, exercised regularly and took my multi-vitamin everyday.  

Weight-wise, I've been ok.  I've lost 3 pounds since the funeral a few weeks ago so I'm not totally off the wagon, but I'm only down 4.5 since the beginning of May...SIGH...oh dear Summer why are you filled with such yummy treats and beverages??!!!  I stood on the scale this morning (145.5) and then quickly did some math.  I have 20 pounds left to my ultimate goal weight and it would be super awesome if I could hit that goal before we go to Mexico in October.  That's a little over a pound and a half per week.  I don't know if it's completely doable, but it's certainly something to strive for.  Here are some steps to get me there:

1 - Take my Multi-vitamin everyday
2 - Exercise 5 days a week (Zumba 2x, Weights & Run 3x)
3 - Drink my water everyday (cutting back on diet soda will help)
4 - Give up/cut back on refined sugars (this is so hard for me to make the decision to do it and I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to it, but I did it last year and it went swimmingly)
5 - Cut out alcohol (this will be difficult during vacation and Labor Day weekend)

I guess we'll start there and see where that gets me.  I don't know that I'll hit the ultimate goal by my target date, but I think I can get close.  And then I'll have another 2 months until UC...Unrecognizable by UC, right RAH??

Have a great one everybody and I promise I won't be gone so long this time!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 16 Summary

I'm up a pound and a half this week and I've learned that I totally don't have a grasp on my emotional eating.  The circumstances this week are extreme and so I'm not going to worry about it.  I'm not going to beat myself up about it.  I'm going to be with my family and refocus on my health next week.  I hope you all have a good week and I'll be back with some words of wisdom next week.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Week 15 Summary

When I first stepped on the scale for my official weigh-in of the week and saw that I only lost 1/2 a pound this week, I was a bit disappointed.  But it lasted for about 10 seconds, because that's when I realized that I've lost 15 pounds.  15 pounds in 15 weeks!!!  How awesome is that?!  And including my work on myself last year, I'm down 25 pounds since this...
I mean, seriously, baby got back...this is the 
pic that made me realize something had to change.

And 15 pounds since this...

To this today...21 pounds to go...

I got in my first two 5k training sessions and they went ok, need to get my third in.  Also continuing 2 Zumba classes a week.  I'll update this week's stats on Monday.

Let me know how you're doing!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Motivational Monday

Happy Monday morning everyone!  I finally updated my stats on the right's the first time in like 3 weeks.  And I have to be honest...most of them are complete  I did not track my calorie or water intake for the last 2 weeks.  I assumed that I went 500 over my calories everyday and am going to pretend that will average out.  I also assumed that I only took in about 40 ounces of water a day, which give or take is probably pretty close to true.  But I didn't track it so how in the world would I remember?!  

Ok, so back to tracking today.  May is over, things are calming down a little bit.  I've got my (fairly) new Fitbit Charge HR charging right now, I've got my new Couch to 5k (by Active Inc) app, and I've got my plan.
Monday - Run
Tuesday - Zumba
Wednesday - Run
Thursday - Zumba
Friady - Run

Make it a great week everyone! I believe in you!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Week 14 Summary

I LOVE new exercise clothes!  I find that when I'm wearing a cute outfit that fits my current body shape I feel adorable and more excited about exercising. Here is my newest purchase in a medium (yay)!

I start my 5K training this week. Wish me luck!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Week 13 Summary

HELP!!!!  I.AM.STRUGGLING.  I don't know if it's the crazy May, the promise of summer, my lady friend, or what...but I am having the hardest time sticking with it right now.  I was just talking to JG about it and decided I just need to get the post out there.  When I struggle I tend not to post then tend to struggle's a vicious cycle. 

I know I'm so behind on this posting...week 12 was prepping for my trip to Dallas and after 2 weeks I was still hovering around 149 and all I could think was "FRUSTRATED."  I spent the business week in Dallas with my work friends for a department meeting. I was very nervous having no ability for home cooked meals at all.  I told any and all my friends about my weight loss total and my plans.  It was another way to make me accountable.  I figured if they knew, I couldn't cheat and apparently it worked.  I lost almost 2 pounds in the 6 days I was there.  I made the best food choices I could, did a Ropes thing, climbed a few rock walls and obtained a few new blog readers in the form of work friends.  Welcome JG and AC.  We were standing around talking about how we need inspiration and support (we are the support superheroes, after all) so I showed them my blog.  Girls, I was serious about sharing your successes and struggles; just put them in the comments!  That's what I want this blog to be about...motivating and inspiring one another.

This past weekend was Memorial Day, the first camping weekend of the year.  Traditionally our camping weekends are very food and alcohol centered....had to come up with healthier food options and I think we did fairly well on that.  But I didn't drink nearly enough water this weekend, went to the winery for a belated bday celebration, drank more than I have been the past few months, and got into the kids cookies.  And damn it, if those cookies didn't make it back home with our kitchen...feet away from my office...where I work all day...and have no self control.  I've been yo-yoing up and down this week...I hope for a good low number for my official weigh-in day tomorrow morning.

I need your help, a favor.  Next time you see that I've been MIA for awhile, call me out on it.  Add a comment, call me, text me, FB message me...just something to say "Hey where are you?  Get your butt in gear and post in your blog!"  I really don't want to do what I've done in the past, where I'm gung-ho for a couple months and then completely drop the ball.

I hope you guys are doing better than I am!  Let me know!

To reiterate...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 11 Summary

Sorry, I know I'm a few days late on this.  I had some mixed emotions about how this week went.  I only lost 0.2 this week which is a bit disappointing, but at the same time I had several different friends comment on how good I look or ask me how much weight I've lost, which was a major ego booster!  So while this particular week was not my best, I'm definitely headed in the right direction.

Also (as Zapamundo mentioned), several of our friends have commented to us that our blogs have given them the push they needed to work on their own weight-loss and health.  Congrats to RAH for your 3.5 pound loss this week... to GCG-T for working out and losing 3 pounds... to GCG-H for finishing her half-marathon earlier this month... to WWJenny for knowing she's headed in the right direction... to JS for getting back to her WW meetings and losing over 2 pounds... to KF for losing 5 pounds in 3 weeks... to ZumbAmy for working hard to inspire me and so many others... and to Zapamundo for his 20 pound loss this year!  I'm so excited and happy to be on this journey with each and every one of you!

So I did it.  I signed up for a 5k.  I'll be doing the Roc Star 5k, which is a race for Ovarian Cancer.  Now, I've signed up for a few 5k's in the past (I've even walked two half marathons).  But I've never been able to run a 5k...I've been able to jog part of it, but not much.  And it doesn't help that these short legs on my little 5'2" frame were trying to keep up with Long Leg McGee, aka GCG-H and Taller than Me GCG-T.  It was all very discouraging for me and I haven't done one in years.  BUUUUUTTT, I've been toying with the idea of running and I'm going to do it.  I have something like 18 weeks to get ready for it.  Totally doable!  GCG-H is going to do it with me, which makes me excited and nervous at the same time...I'm way shorter than her, she's already a runner (see congrats above) and she want's me to work up to a 10:30 mile to stay on pace with her.  WOW H!  You make me nervous...I'll try my best but you may have to pass me up!!  I'm not sure these short sticks can go 5.7 mph...4 mph is running for me!  But then again that's what the 18 weeks is for, right?

I'd like to use a couch to 5k type of that tells me when to walk, when to run, where I can listen to my music and maybe post something online...maybe one that can map my run...any suggestions?  H, what do you use?  T, does your hubby use one?

If anybody else wants to sign up with me, the link is above!  Have a great week!! 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Week 10 Summary

May Madness!!  Thank God that Zapamundo and I are committed to losing weight and becoming healthy or we would be gaining about 10 pounds each this month.  The ONLY weeknight we are home this entire month is Wednesday May 27th...and let me tell you the old us would have been getting fast food almost every night with this crazy schedule.  Instead we are finding ways to work around it...feed the kids early, have a healthy snack and eat later...anyway we are trying our best to make it work.

I lost another 2.1 this week and am so pumped!  149 even...that's over 12 down this year with 24 lbs to go and 23 weeks until my goal date (24 weeks until we are in Mexico)!

So in preparation for this week's blog post I was searching the web for weight loss tips and found this great article titled "21 Weight Loss Tips You've Probably Never Tried."  I'll definitely be implementing a few of these myself, especially the Reminder list.  I recommend reading the article for details and pictures, but here are their 21 suggestions.

1. Make Motivational Notes To Yourself
2. Invest In Flattering Workout Clothes
3. Don't Exercise Just For Weight Loss
4. Make A Separate Snack Station
5. Reward Yourself
6. Switch To A Stand-Up Desk
7. Make A "Workout Only" Playlist
8. Keep Mouthwash Handy
9. Make Drinking Water Fun
10. Display Your Swimsuit
11. Keep Your Weights Where You'll Use Them
12. Plan Your Workout The Night Before
13. Put Leftovers Away Before You Eat
14. Stretch While Watching TV
15. Motivational Weight Loss Jars
16. Make Drinking Enough Water A No-Brainer
17. Download An App
18. Change Your Environment
19. Make A Reminder List
20. Stop Comparing

21. Make Mental Health A Priority

Thursday, April 30, 2015

I can taste them...

As I told you last week, the 140s are so close I can taste them...and even though I fluctuate during the week...I was so excited to see 149.6 on the scale this morning that I just had to share.  WooHoo!!!  I am beyond happy!  Yay!

And look!  No fat spilling over the top of my jeans!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Motivational Monday

For those of you planning to start someday...

For those who have started, but feel it's impossible...

For those of you who are down on yourself for not doing more...

I finally have faith that this is true...

Friday, April 24, 2015

Week 9 Summary

Good morning friends!!  I'm a little early this week on my summary because I won't see a scale until Monday morning.  I, along with 3 other brave souls, will be taking nine 9-10 year old girls camping this weekend, where it will likely rain.  Wish us luck...good news... with the promise of rain maybe there will be less bugs and the mud complaints will be a nice break from the bug complaints.  It's going to be a blast!!!  

So with the technology-free weekend (YAY!), my official weigh-in day has been moved up a day and I'm happy to report that I've lost 1.5 pounds this week!!  With a 10.3 loss for the 9 weeks, I am now at 151.1!!  The 140s are so close I can taste them!  WooHoo!  I'm seeing so many changes in my shape, my strength and in what I want to eat.

On the subject of eating, my lady friend is coming for a visit soon and she always sends cravings before her visit.  UGH!  So I pushed off some of the cravings for a day or so but allowed myself one glazed donut yesterday and it was Glorious!  Of course, afterwards my stomach was like "What the hell is this?!"  Since we all struggle with this (except you Zapamundo and any other boys reading), I've found this article we can all read to help us understand these cravings and how "that time of the month" can really mess with our weight loss efforts.  Read it here.

Here are some other articles to keep you occupied this weekend while I'm off hiking in the woods.

I've updated the weight loss, but the rest of the side bar will need to be updated on Sunday so I've got the full week stats.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Motivational Monday

I don't know about you but I find most Mondays to be blah.  So I'm declaring today to be motivational Monday...and next Monday (if I remember) I'll bring us some more motivational quotes.

I decided to throw in an extra post because one of my managers sent an email with the first picture and it felt very appropriate to our journeys.

As Jenny said the other day, WE GOT THIS!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Week 8 Summary

So we've all heard of (and maybe read) "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey.  I keep telling myself that I'm going to read it some day.  ;-)  Maybe this year.  Anyway, I thought I'd look up the habits and see how they can apply to our weight loss journeys.  

So keeping in mind that I haven't read the book, my thoughts on this is all going to based on what the 7 habits are according to a wikipedia article.

Habit 1:  Be Proactive - So how does this apply to our journey to a healthy lifestyle when we all know that we didn't reach the point of doing something until we hit that weight we couldn't stand to see on the scale, or until we reached some point where we just couldn't bear it anymore?  Well, let's look at it this way, we made a decision to change our ways BEFORE they kill us!  ;-)

Habit 2:  Begin with the End in Mind - We need to begin with our goal or we'll never be able to come up with an action plan to get us there!

Habit 3:  Put First Things First - And that's YOU!  It is SO easy to make the excuse to not exercise or not eat right because we have this, that, or the other to do for our kids or our spouse.  But if we don't take care of ourselves, we won't be our 100% Best Self.  And doesn't our family deserve the best "me" we have to offer?!

Habit 4:  Think Win-Win - I'm not sure where to go with this one...the wikipedia article says "Genuine feelings for mutually beneficial solutions or agreements in your relationships."  Let me know what you think about this one.

Habit 5:  Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood - This is about using empathic listening to be influenced by a person and in turn them being influenced by you.  Now I'm sure there is more to it than this, but I'm thinking this has to do with how we can motivate each other and be there for each other.  Talk about what we're going through, our struggles, our successes and know that we understand what each other is going through and be there for one another.  (Maybe that's a was definitely poor grammar!)

Habit 6:  Synergize - "Combine the strengths of people through positive teamwork, so as to achieve goals that no one could have done alone."  I talked a little about this in my last post.  I truly believe that neither Zapamundo nor I could do this alone.  This is definitely journey fueled by teamwork!  He pushes me to go to the gym when I'm not in the mood and we talk about good food choices and work together to come up with good healthy meals!

Habit 7:  Sharpen the Saw - "Balance and renew your resources, energy, and health to create a sustainable, long-term, effective lifestyle. It primarily emphasizes exercise for physical renewal, prayer (meditation, yoga, etc.) and good reading for mental renewal. It also mentions service to society for spiritual renewal."  This is directly from the article and perfectly applies to what we're doing; there is no need for my thoughts on it!  Hmmmm..."good reading for mental renewal"...I guess it's time for me to read this book!

I hope you found something here today that hits home for you.

My week:  Great water intake, good food consumption, decent exercise, and lost almost 2 pounds this week!!  That's under 30 pounds remaining, 8.8 pounds lost in the last 8 weeks, and 19.2 pounds lost in the last 16 months!  Yay me!  Have a great week everybody!

7 Habits of Highly-Effective Dieters
Click on the caption above to read the article that gave me the idea for this post.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 7 - Summary

Sorry for the late post (thanks to T for keeping me accountable)...I think I got distracted with Danger's first TBall game and my aunt in town...and to be frank, I'm up a little bit and didn't really know what I wanted to say.  So I need some motivation and maybe you do let's chit chat on that for a minute.

So frustration first...up another 1/2 pound from last week.  UGH!  I now find myself where Zapamundo was a week or so ago...up in pounds and really lacking in motivation.  So I need to work really hard to find that motivation and keep it up.  Maybe you guys can help...are you out there reading?  Share your struggles and successes; I'd love to know we're in it together.

Speaking of being in it together, having Zapamundo by my side has been incredibly helpful.  There have been times in the past where one of us wanted to get healthy and the other wasn't in it and we failed barely after we started.  It has been so much better doing it together this time.  We are so lucky to have each other!  Love you baby.

Tangent over...things to focus on to find my motivation:

  • a pair of dress pants that used to be tight...I can now pull down while they are completely zipped and buttoned
  • on the same note, I was almost able to do the same with my jeans tonight
  • I'm starting to see some definition in my arms!!
I really enjoyed my Pump It class last Monday and was sad that I had to miss it tonight.  The class is just once a week, so I've also been working on my 21 day challenge I was telling you about last week.  My triceps are still awful, but I know those are the hardest parts of the arms to get in shape.  So after I finish my two rounds of the 21 day challenge I'm boing to Blast Away the Jiggle with the 5 Best Triceps Exercises according to

I'm leaving you with a few motivational quotes.

And my favorite of the 3... 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Week 6 Summary

Weight Loss...
Oh Bummer.  Up 0.7 this week...I was really hoping to stay at my post-blood-donation weight this week.  ;-)  But I am remembering that I am still ahead of my planned weight-loss by 1.1 pounds...and in honor of the the last Fish Fry of the year I went with the fried cod last night and I tend to be a little more after a saltier meal.  Aaaannnd as my friend Jen taught me this week, IIWII (it is what it is) and I'm good with that.

Good things happening...
A lot of great things happening this week!  --  I'm still ahead of my goal!  --  I won 2nd place in the biggest loser challenge at my Zumba studio!!!  --  And tomorrow is my birthday!! WooHoo!!

Adding a new focus...
Alright kids, time to add a new focus.  Today is April 4th and we have 7 weeks until Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer.  And while I am really starting to see some amazing changes in my core, I'm not seeing much in the arms.  It's time to make a change so my arms can look sexy in all the tanks I plan on wearing this summer.  I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE the way my arms looked in a tank...time to get back there.  A couple of things I'll be adding to my routine...using 5 pound weights instead of three in the weight songs at Zumba and going to a Pump It class on Mondays at the Zumba studio.  I also found this great 21-day challenge from PopSugar that I'll start either Sunday (after everyone leaves the festivities) or on Monday.
Read the article Here.
Here's another picture of just the on it so you can read it better!

Be sure to read the article so you know how to (1) determine which size weight is best for you and (2) do each exercise correctly.  Ok, so we have time to do the challenge twice.  WHO'S WITH ME??!!

I can't wait to hear how you're doing!  Have a Happy and Blessed Easter tomorrow.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

An inspiring story to share...

So this morning before work, I was (as usual) skimming through FB and came across a post from my friend Shelley.  The Post had written an article about her sister, Gina, and her lifestyle change.  You see Gina has lost 120 pounds in the last 4 years.  And she didn't do it with some fad diet...and she didn't do it thinking that this was a temporary fix...she did it the right way.  She started exercising and promised herself to exercise 5 days a week, then she started changing her food.  She never goes to fast food places anymore and she cooks healthy meals at home for her and her son.  And she is now a licensed fitness instructor.

Read the article for some great inspiration!
Hairdresser drops 120 pounds in quest to rid herself of pain

Way to go Gina!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week 5 Summary

29 weeks left...28.3 pounds to go
I like those numbers!!!

Ok, so this is very exciting!  I'm down 3.4 pounds this week, but there's a "but."  My official weigh-in is Saturday morning and on Friday night I donated blood...and well, with a liter of blood weighing over a pound (can't find a real answer on the exact amount), I have a feeling that my donation added to my big numbers this week.  However, there was definitely some legitimate weight-loss in there.  So my goal for this week's weigh-in is to not go ABOVE the 153.3!

More exciting news for the week.  I had my measurements done, and I've lost 11.75 inches since Jan 6!!  Yay me!  AND 3 of those inches came off my abdominal area and 4 off my hips!  Shrinking that booty....I guess it won't be all about that base too much longer.

Saturday was a great day overall.  Had my big loss, both weight and inches.  Walked over 13,000 steps!  Made over $100 doing a fun 31 party.  And my fitness app said that if all days were like that day, I'd lose 13 pounds in 5 weeks. ..and 140 looked mighty purty on that screen!

Zap-a-mundo is podcast crazy.  He listens to them on his way to and from work every day so that ends about being quite a few each day.  Well, my mornings include 3 talking children and by the time I drop them all off I have about 5 minutes in the car by it has taken me about 2 weeks to listen to ONE episode.  However, I found one I like called Dishing Up Nutrition.  It's done by a bunch of nutritionists and I find it very interesting.  Now I just need to figure out when I can listen.

Goals for the week:  Be </= 153.3 Saturday morning and figure out some more times to be able to listen to my podcast.

Oh, and as promised, I'll be posting a new progress pic on the right panel. 

Don't forget to share how you're doing!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Getting Back on the Wagon - Wed & Thurs

Ok, so my four things to get back on track are going sucko the past two days...well, three of them are.

But, here's the thing...I don't feel bad about not hitting the goals because I know it's not an end of the world scenario...just a couple day break.  Wednesday my legs seriously needed a rest and what I ended up doing for my body was getting it massaged and it was nice.  Next time, 60 minutes...30 just isn't enough.  On Thursday, we went to the movies to see Breakfast Club on the big screen (awesome), but it meant missing my Thursday Zumba.  I'm going to make it up on Saturday morning so I'll still get my 3 classes in this week!

I tracked my food and water everyday and am doing really well on that side of the house.  

I'll be back this weekend with my weekly update and new progress pics!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Getting Back on the Wagon - Tuesday

As part of my plan to get back on track, I promised to do 4 things and while my thighs feel like complete, stinging jello, Tuesday was a rockstar kind of day!
  • Take at least 3 5-minute breaks in my day to do the bike -- CHECK and holy moly that last session was a bear
  • Log all my food and drink - CHECK
  • GO to my exercise classes - Zumba - CHECK
  • Reach AT LEAST 75% of my step goal every day - CHECK - Hit 128%!!

I know I owe you all progress pics; I'll update that on Saturday for 5 weeks in.  For those of you just reading via email, I encourage you to check the site.  I've got a progress pic slideshow as well as all my stats.  It's FULL DISCLOSURE kiddos!!  And (as my former manager always says) Make it a Great Day!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Getting Back on the Wagon - Monday

As part of my plan to get back on track, I promised to do 4 things and even though I didn't do all of them, I do feel that I'm on my way.

  • Take at least 3 5-minute breaks in my day to do the bike --this did not happen.  The girls were home from school and that always throws off my day.
  • Log all my food and drink - CHECK
  • GO to my exercise classes - Pilates - CHECK
  • Reach AT LEAST 75% of my step goal every day - HIT 63%

I'll check back in tomorrow with Tuesday's results.  Have a great day!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week 4 Summary

So I learned something about myself this week.  I HAVE to track it.  I was sick this week and not in the mood to track or pay attention.  All my calorie intake for this week is a total guess.  But I still lost 1.5 pounds... I attribute that solely to lacking an appetite this week.  So today I logged all my calories (even the cookie) and came in 99 calories over my goal..not too bad, not too bad.  
To get back on the wagon this week, I will:
  • Take at least 3 5-minute breaks in my day to do the bike
  • Log all my food and drink
  • GO to my exercise classes
  • Reach AT LEAST 75% of my step goal every day

Recently my friend, Carol, started her own blog (and FB page) called The Happy Dance Experiment and I want to talk a little bit about it because I think being happy and getting healthy go hand in hand.  She is working on herself just like I am.  I am working to become healthy.  She is working to become a happy person, to push the negative thoughts away and replace them with positive thoughts.  We can use so many of the same techniques to becoming healthier and happier people!  In her blogpost titled "The A Word" she says..."What if I told you that you do affirmations ALL the time? It’s true.  The only issue is they are more times than not negative affirmations.  The definition of affirmation is 1. the act or an instance of affirming, state of  being affirmed.  2. the assertion that something exists or is true.  We are constantly asserting that something negative exists or is true.  It is time to change that.
“Well these negative thoughts and affirmations just pop into my head automatically, how can I stop that from happening?”  The answer is positive affirmations and yes I am going to ask you to talk to yourself.  No reason to fret, again we do it all the time but like I said above, it is usually negative statements that we are using when we do.  Change that and change your life.  What affirmations can do is rewire your mind.  Eventually if you stick with this it will be wonderful, happy, joyous thoughts that will automatically come to your mind.  You will discover solutions to any problems that arise and you will feel an energy that you haven’t felt since you were a child."
"Change that and change your life."  That's what really hit me.  We have negative thoughts all the time, especially on our weight loss journeys...that's too much to loose, I can't do it, he's losing faster than me so I should give up, I'm too busy, I'll never reach my goals.  These negative thoughts can really hold us back; we're letting our thoughts stop us from transcending.  Now, let's change these up and be positive...I can lose that much if I break it down, I can do it, if he can lose that much so can I, I can find some time to exercise, I WILL reach my goals!!  Now imagine if you changed the way you think about your weight-loss and said this second set of thoughts to yourself every morning; you'd be a rock star in your journey to health and complete your goals in no time!!  Carol goes on to say we should write these positive affirmations down and read them to ourselves everyday.  What a great idea!!  Please click the link above to read her whole post and peruse the rest of her blog.
I'm going to leave you with two of my positive thoughts.  I WILL reach my goal and I WILL being wearing one of these cute retro bikinis on our 40s trip.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 3 Summary

Well this week didn't go so well...I did my 3 nights of exercise and did fairly well with my calorie intake.  But on about Thursday, I was ready to go get a double-cheeseburger from McDonald's.  I settled for half a Jimmy Johns sandwich on multi-grain, and a diet coke.  I just knew if I didn't 'treat' myself a little bit that I'd be a goner, done for, bye-bye weight loss.  So, there you go.  I think I'm reaching that point, yet again, where I drop the journey...Please don't let me!!  I so want to be a healthy person at a healthy weight by October and I want to have maintained it several months before the big 4-0 hits.

On a positive note, Zapamundo put together our new stationary bike tonight, so I'm really looking forward to putting some time in on it.  Maybe this week I'll take some random 5 minute breaks from work to do some cycling.

How are things going for you, my friends?  I'd love to see some comments; they're great encouragement.

ps-I'll be updating the side bar on Monday.