Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 160 - FOUND IT!

You know that motivation and jump-start I was looking for?  Found it!  Have you seen that 30 Day Ab Challenge for those who need some motivation like me
event floating around on Facebook?  Let's do it!!  So technically it started 
June 1st,  so I think I'll need to just skip the 1st and 2nd so I can stay with 
Who's with me?

Comment if you're in!  Now what should I do about my eating???

Today's Win

Rocked the abs and arms in Zumba tonight!


  1. I so needed this! Of course I'm 10 days late but I'm just going to restructure the calendar to take up 30 days rather than worry about catching up! Thanks for posting it!

    1. Kristi - I started it on the 10th too and I got rid of some of the rest days, so it will go into the beginning of July.