Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 159 - WANT AD

WANTED...OWF seeking WLM.  Feeling blah and set in ways.  Looking to jump-start this bad boy.  All ideas are welcome.

TRANSLATION: I'm an overweight female looking for weight loss motivation and I need help!

So for those of you that have been following me since the beginning...have you noticed that blog absences coincide with the lack of diet/exercise?  Ugh!  I have seriously been unmotivated lately and haven't wanted to blog, because if I blog then I have to diet/exercise...and, well, I've just been lazy about the whole thing lately.  I need some help.  What can I do to jump start things again?  Should I try some kind of cleanse?  Should I drink water only for a certain number of days?  Should I (you fill in the blank here)?

Please comment rather than email so everyone can get the benefit of each other's wisdom!

And while I have had to search deep into the recesses of my brain for one today...

Today's Win!
I made dinner at home rather than take-out.


  1. Set a goal of a certain number of days before you get a "cheat." Don't do any of those "fad" things bc they don't work. I always set a goal of Monday - Friday sticking to my certain calorie intake. Then I don't feel so bad when I splurge a bit on the weekend. Oh, and make sure you are drinking the correct amount of water each day (half of your body weight in ounces) -- it really will help. I will be right there with you soon enough! Good Luck! :)

  2. Blog every day. Don't worry if all you do is blog what you eat but blog every day. Even if the blogging is more of planning your food day on a calorie counting app like My Fitness Pal, the point it is to keep it on the forefront of your mind.