Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 69 - As Lent Approaches

Every year for the last few years, I've chosen to give up something that could better my life. In the (quite recent) past I've had no self-control in making good choices where my health is concerned.  However, that never applied to Lent.  I figure if God can sacrifice his Only Son for me, then I can make a hard change for six weeks...and I do it...without question and without whining.  Last year I gave up soda and that went A-Mazing.  Until Easter, that is, when I went overboard and started back up on soda ten-fold...which then led to my fastest weight gain ever...darn lack of self-control.

So I think that'll be different this year.  It's been a month without sugar (with the exception of one treat) and I'm feeling fine.  I've even been able to EASILY resist the 1,400 boxes of Girl Scout cookies I've had traipsing in and out of my dining room this past week.  I haven't found sweets appealing at all lately.  And I have a new confidence in myself that I can set this goal and stick to it...even after Lent is over.

I've decided to give up Fast Food, because even though I've basically omitted sugar, I'm still eating more junk than I should.  I know that this will make me a healthier, happier person.  And that will extend out to better so many other areas of my life.

I realize this post is more of a rambling and I apologize for that...I guess this one is really more for me.  I'm realizing that doing this blog is helping me stay on track...it gives me another reason to do research on my health...and it motivates me knowing you guys are reading it and that maybe, just maybe, it's helping you to stay motivated too.

Please remember to add your comments...I miss them!!

Today's Win
After this morning's weigh-in, I am officially, and happily, overweight!  I am no longer considered obese!  WooHoo!  (this one is hard to say "aloud")