Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 8 - Now that we're all 35+...

….well except for you GCGfriend C; hopefully, you'll find this helpful too!

Today I reread an article from Dr. Oz, Your Over-35 Survival Kit.  I read it about a year ago when I decided I needed to take the appropriate vitamins.  I love Dr. Oz and for the most part tend to trust what he has to say.  So today, I got out my pill box and divvied them out by time-of-day.  Not everyone feels the need for extra-vitamins; and while, I think there is no need to go beyond the 100% DV, I do know that I don't get enough vitamins in my food.
There are a lot more details in the article, but here's the gist:

-Split your multivitamin to help improve absorption throughout the day.
-Omega 3 improves your memory and reduces stress.  Take 600 mg with breakfast.
-Take Calcium and Magnesium together.  The Magnesium will help your body absorb the calcium and be sure to take it about 2 hours after your breakfast or multi-vitamin since calcium can block the absorption of other nutrients.  I take them about an hour before lunch.
-Lutein helps prevent future vision problems…I haven't taken this yet.

I was able to get all of these reasonably priced at the biggest "mart" in town.

The other thing I found REALLY interesting was foods that help your mood!  I'm so gonna try this!!  Fortified cereals have been shown to reduce crankiness, irritability, and mood swings…and since I don't have ANY of those issues, no need for cereal… ;-)  Eating 8 macadamia nuts a day reduces anxiety…definitely need to try that.  Eating one banana a day allows your body to produce more serotonin and we all know what serotonin does for us!

Take a look at the article; it's linked above.  I hope you find it as interesting and helpful as I have!

Today's Win
Out of all the days since I bought my FitBit, today I logged the most steps!


  1. I'm a vitamin junkie and if I could afford to take loads of them, I would. The best multi I've found is GNC's Ultra Mega Woman. It is time-released so you don't lose so much of it plus that makes it easier on the tummy. I can take it on an empty stomach with no problems. I notice a difference if I miss even one day. I do need to get on the omega kick. I bought fish oil but they were too big and ugly. I want the small ones or the gummies but just haven't gotten that far in life yet. I too am going to lose weight this year. I have 25 to lose to reach my pre-Mathew weight but I'm not sure that will get me back into my size 12's because of the pregnancy hip expansion so I may need more like 35. :/

    1. Thanks for the input Kristi! I just bought a new bottle of multi, but I may try your suggestion after I finish this one. Thanks for reading!!