Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 13 - Motivation

So with all this crazy cold weather, and monstrous inches of snow, there hasn't been much going on…other than me going crazy.  So... I've been trying to decide what to post on the blog (thank you GCGfriend T for encouraging me).  I forgot to wear my fitbit for 2 days BUT I did spend about 90 minutes shoveling that crazy deep snow yesterday…that was a GREAT workout and I'm feeling it today.

MzMotivator, what have you been doing since it's too cold to run??  All I've managed to do is shovel.  I wanted to start my Zumba class tonight, but I'm too scared of crazy people who think they can drive normal on snow and ice.

So since the workouts are not quite working out right now, I thought I'd find a motivational quote to inspire us all.  I thought this one was great.

I know too often we have lofty plans and then we hit a little hiccup and that's it.  How many times T have you and I started something only to stop after a month or two?  So this time when we stumble, let's stand up straight and keep going on our journey.  There should never be an end of our journey to a healthy lifestyle…yes at some point we will reach our goal weights, but we'll keep going, employing the lessons we've learned to maintain that health we've achieved.

I didn't strangle anyone.

ps-I'll update my stats tomorrow.


  1. 2 hours of snow shoveling..wow! My darling hubby did all the shoveling. So agree T, there will be stumbles, but my goal is to not let a stumble be the end this time. Put that Fitbit on and go for it girl. I am trying to remember that as a push through these first few days of healthier living. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit.

  2. Good for you! Can you power through a workout video on Netflix or something? That is what my sister has been doing since she can't get to her boot camp. I know, they are boring, but it is only for a couple days. I bet you could find a Zumba workout on there. Good Luck!! :)

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