Thursday, December 26, 2013

Food & Exercise Musings - Day 1

So Day 1…
Today mostly consisted of me setting up my blog (be sure to check out the daily goodies on the right) and getting some spreadsheets created to track my progress.

I ate a little better today than normal and consumed very little liquid calories.

I also came up with my exercise plan, but I will not freak out if I can't do it everyday…I have to plan big so when life gets in the way, I'll still have plenty of other days to get some calories burned!

Sunday - Weights at home
Monday - Booty Class at the Y (maybe I can get SingerGirl to go with me)
Tuesday - Zumba with the awesome ZumbAmy
Wednesday - Zumba with the awesome ZumbAmy
Thursday - Flex those Muscles at the Y (maybe I can get SingerGirl to go with me)
Friday - Weights at home

This week's focus:  write in the blog everyday, track my steps and water intake, eat the remaining food in my house before going on a major grocery overhaul.

Today's Win
Drank more water today than I have in ages!  Yay me!!!

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