Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Changing gears

  1. So after a 3+ year hiatus, I'm going to attempt to write in my blog again…nothing to do with knitting though and ALL to do with health.  Sadly, I've let myself go quite a bit lately…to the point where I need to lose 47 pounds to reach my goal.  
  2. I've been talking about getting healthy and losing weight for MUCHO MONTHS now and have NEVER been able to find the motivation.  Hellllooooo????  Motivation?  Where are you??  So off to the internet I go…google (I google everything) "how to find the motivation to lose weight."  wikiHow says I should start a motivating routine and #4 is Start an exercise blog. (I'll just use the one I already have in existence.)
  3. Start an exercise (b)log.   Writing down your progress makes everything concrete and unignorable. Start an exercise blog. This will be published to the Internet world -- ultimate exposure (if anyone reads it, of course). With this, you take a more creative route, including all of the factors of an exercise log, but also how you feel about it, the obstacles you're facing, and how it feels to be making the progress. Just make sure you keep writing in it!
  4. The whole list…in case you're interested:
1.  Set a realistic goal.  (Check.)
2.  Find a weight loss partner.  (Any takers?  Besides you, Zapamundo.)
3.  Join a class.  (My fab friend is a Zumba instructor; signing up in January)
4.  Start an exercise blog.  (Check.)
5.  Get a trainer.  (Don't know that I'll be doing this; SingerGirl is a great cheerleader.)
6.  Sign up for a race.  (Hmmmm….may hold off on this one.)
7.  Find an old photo where you look gooooood.  (Tuscaloosa wedding 4 1/2 yrs ago)
8.  Hang "the outfit" on your bedroom door.  (Thinking…)
9.  Tell your family/roommates/friends about your plans.  (Maybe I'll have the guts to share this blog.)
10.  Get into books, blogs, and success stories.  (Great motivation on reedit…looking for other sources.)
11.  Set up a reward system.  (I guess cheesecake wouldn't be the best idea.)
12.  Set up a punishment system.  (Huh?)
13.  Spending time thinking positively.  (I can do that!!)

  1. I'm going to try to post daily…trying to decide how detailed I'm going to be…Do I want to post progress pics?  Do I really want the world (or the 2 people that MAY read this) to know how much I ate, how much I exercised and how much I weigh?  How much do I really want to be accountable to the www?
  2. Please comment so I know you're out there.  Good night….and I promise to work on figuring out how to edit this thing.
  3. What kind of superhero do you want to be?

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