Thursday, February 25, 2010

A break from our regularly scheduled programming...

As I am still on the 13 inches of stockinette stitch, there is not much to report in knitting news so we'll take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to tell the K10 stories of the week.

MONDAY - K10 Story #1:
So the other night we were putting the girls to bed. As usual as soon and K10's socks were off she was picking lent out of her toes. She does this EVERY time her socks come off and this is often the reason she takes off her socks. Zapamundo asked her what she was picking out of her toes and she quickly said "Shoopoo."  He asked what that was and she looked up at him, smiled, and said "Poop from my shoes!" Then she laughed.

TUESDAY - K10 Story #2:
Kaitlyn's teacher told me that whenever it's time to clean up she says she has to pee pee on the potty and makes herself busy in the bathroom and washes her hands until everyone is done cleaning. The teacher is pretty sure that K10 doesn't actually go pee. She's only 2 1/2!!!

WEDNESDAY - K10 Story #3:
Three minutes into the 7-minute ride home from daycare I looked in my little mirror to see that K10 had taken off her socks and shoes and was picking the sock lint out of her toes, again.

THURSDAY - K10 Story #4:
She picked them again tonight. Trying to get her to say "shoopoo" again, Zapamundo asked what was on her toes and she shook her head and said "who knows"

THURSDAY - K10 Story #5:
Zapamundo offered to unwrap the Hershey's Kiss K10 was having for dessert.  She said, "No my can do it."  She slowly and methodically unwrapped the kiss and when she was done, she said "I did it!  I did it!"  He said to her "You're so smart!" K10 looked up with a smile and really hamming it up said "AND Pretty"

THURSDAY - K10 Story #6:
An hour later she was playing with her leapfrog and said 'My computer doesn't work when my got socks on my hands..."

We will now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

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