Sunday, February 14, 2010

As Promised, Hat Pics

Here are the hats I've made these past 6 weeks.  The first I made for me to go with my winter coat.  I also have a pattern for a pair of gloves and a scarf...they're on hold.  This pattern seemed really strange as I knitted it because you make it like 13 inches long, but then you fold up the bottom like a out nice because it keeps my ears warm.  And I can count it as a success because my mom wanted to steal it as soon as she saw it.

The next hat was origninally made for Zapamundo but my gauge was off and it's a little too big so it'll be going to blue-blockers soon.  Sorry Zapamundo!  Thanks for being a good sport and modeling it. 

So a few weeks back I mentioned I was looking for a one-skein accessory to make out of my Lana D'Oro #1036, that would go with my Nora's Sweater.  Well I found this free pattern on Ravelry for Meret, an adorable little beret.

I love it, I've been wearing it everywhere and I just hope it will look adorable with my sweater.

What kind of superhero do you want to be?

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